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Tanzania to the World


Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa. It was formed as a sovereign state in 1964 through the Union of theretofore separates states of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.Kiswahili language is a Tanzanian National Language,it is the most spoken language in Africa (Over 100 million people), Official currency is Tanzanian Shilling.
Tanzania population includes around 120 different African tribal groups spread over 30 regions.

Tanzania is a country of immense beauty which undoubtedly needs to be experienced in this lifetime. It is famous for its breathtaking savannahs, towering mountains, bustling cities and sun-soaked islands.

Tanzania is also noted for both the sheer number of wildlife available throughout the country and for the variety on offer. There are more than four million wild animals in Tanzania representing 430 different species and subspecies. The country houses some 20% of Africa’s large mammal population. Zebras, giraffes, elephants, wildebeest, buffaloes, hippos, antelopes and gazelles are common animals. Larger predatory animals like lions, cheetahs and leopards are also found. Along with the familiar African mammals are approximately 60,000 insect species, 25 types of reptiles and amphibians, around 100 species of snakes and many fish species. Birds are widely represented in Tanzania with around one thousand species including kingfishers, hornbills and flamingos.

Protected areas in Tanzania are extremely varied, ranging from sea habitats over grasslands to the top of the Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. About a third of the country's total area is protected to a certain degree as a national park, reserves, wildlife management areas and marine parks.  


Sad most of Tanzanian's don't really know how precious their country is. Knowing the beauty of the country is directly linked to preserving and maintaining that beauty. Tanzania is one of the least developed countries in the world, most people are poor  cant even afford to travel the country and learn more about it.

This is one of the factors that make the involvement of local
community in wildlife conservation and environmental protection to be difficult because people have no idea how precious Tanzania is. 


A good example is poaching crisis that has been existing for years, with the help of some unfaithful local community members organized criminal networks has succeeded to slaughter thousands of wild animals and smuggle their parts to the demand countries. 

There are rangers designed to protect nature.
One of their big task is to crack down  poachers. Poachers overhunt wild animals for ivory, rhinoceros horns and fur.

For example, elephant poaching is intense and it is pushing them to the brink of extinction. Elephants are killed only to gather ivory. ※ The horns of rhinoceros are the same.

There is no domestic demand for ivory or rhino horn in Tanzania, the demand is from Asian countries . Since poachers use machine guns to kill wild animals, rangers are also armed.

Their battle is like a war, killing dozens of people and animals every year.

Sadly, Japan is the world's number one importer of ivory.

In Japan, it is still used for seals, ornaments, crafts and Chinese medicine.
And many Japanese don't know that fact.
There are many former rangers who have gone through rigorous training and become unable to work due to injuries, and their families have lost their way.

At KAT, we want to share the wonderful Tanzania with the people of Tanzania, while at the same time sharing the real situation of Tanzania wildlife protection struggle with the people from other nations.

What we want to do

・We want to hold safari drive tours for children and let them know the greatness of their country.
​・We want to build a guest house to invite overseas guests who are interested in KATs activities.
・We want to actively hire former rangers who are injured and unemployed, and share their experiences with people overseas.
・We want to hold a "KAT-EVENTS" to create a place for communication between local residents and overseas guests.
・In order to create a better environment for Tanzania and the world, we would like to hold meetings to exchange opinions with people from inside and outside the country.

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