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I was born and grew up in Arusha region in northern Tanzania. A region which is surrounded by some of Africa’s most famous landscapes and national parks teeming with diverse species of wild animals . It is  home of the world famous Ngorongoro Crater, Mt Meru, Olduvai Gorge pre-historic site and also close to Tarangire, Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti national parks among others.Just like many other places around the world animals in this region are


facing serious challenges, wildlife animals are poached and hunted   for their body parts, Dogs and Cats are abandoned, abused and neglected, Donkeys are mistreated by being overloaded with things like charcoal bags, logs, firewood and bricks. Farmers poison elephants to protects their crops while herdsmen kill or poison carnivores such as lions in retaliation or to protect their livestock.

 My love for animals and the need to help them survive these challenges is what drove me to start advocating for animal lives right after I graduated my bachelor degree in wildlife Management in 2014.

In 2019 when I met Sachiko Hirata an animal advocate from Japan, we discussed many issues that are facing animals in Asia and Africa and how can we find a common solution to help the situation. African elephants, rhinos and pangolins are poached to the extinction due the high demand of their body parts in Asia,  we decided to join hands and work together in raising the much needed awareness to our people to help these species to survive.

 One of the many common interest that Sachiko and I share is we both love art and so do many people. We have come to realize that if we use a medium that people love and enjoy in their daily lives then it will be very easy for us to reach out to many people and bring a massive change in the society.

 This is how we created EAAW organization that aims to use art and animal welfare educational programs to speak for the animals. Our work has started in Tanzania and hope to expand to other neighboring countries even to Japan. Please join and support us support the voiceless.


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