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    Co - Founder

Animal rights activist

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← Abbas 

I was born and grew up in Arusha region in northern Tanzania. A region which is surrounded by some of Africa’s most famous landscapes and national parks teeming with diverse species of wild animals . It is  home of the world famous Ngorongoro Crater, Mt Meru, Olduvai Gorge pre-historic site and also close to Tarangire, Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti national parks among others. Just like many other places around the world animals in this region are facing serious challenges, wildlife animals are poached and hunted   for their body parts, Dogs and Cats are abandoned, abused and neglected, Donkeys are mistreated by being overloaded with things like charcoal bags, logs, firewood and bricks. Farmers poison elephants to protects their crops while herdsmen kill or poison carnivores such as lions in retaliation or to protect their livestock.

I LOVE animals ,they are part of me, I can't sit and watch them suffering, this is why I have dedicated all my life to help and support animals in Tanzania. I am so proud for the decision that I have made.

In 2019, I met Sachiko Hirata an animal advocate from Japan, we discussed many issues that are facing animals in Asia and Africa and how can we find a common solution to help the situation. African elephants, rhinos and pangolins are poached to the extinction due the high demand of their body parts in Asia,  we decided to join forces and work together in raising the much needed awareness to our people to help these species to survive.

This is how we created KAT (EAAW) organization a non profit organization with a mission to enhance peaceful coexistence between humans and animals .  Our activities are based  in Tanzania for now but we are planning to expand it to Asia and other places around the world. Please join and support us.



      Co - Founder

​Animal communicator

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← Sachiko 

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Since when I was a child, I had been allergic to all kinds of animal hair and feathers.

However,I loved animals so much and I  played with chickens and rabbits of the kindergarten every day in their houses.

I took a class role of an animals caretaker during six years at elementary school and I even went to school on weekends to take care of animals there. When I was a junior high school student, I had dairy farming experience, then I went on to a professional training school to learned  about biology, habits and breeding methods of animals. 

After graduation, I could choose any job opportunities at aquariums or zoos,

however, I felt uncomfortable to work for these places knowing the harsh reality that animals faced in captivity,

so I gave up working for animals and chose to work at an office instead. 

 "I have another way to go" I couldn't push aside the vague idea within and the company after 14 years. In 2018, I took a safari tour to make my childhood dream "meet wild animals in Africa" come true. I visited  Kenya and Tanzania then. Looking at wild animals standing on the ground, where was way too expansive to capture in my eyesight, I was instantly stricken by their overwhelming beauty, strength and the silent vibration woven by their  living pulsation.

While I visited Tanzania a few more time after that, I was very shocked to know that the circumstances around every animals there, including wild and domestic ones, were too harsh to imagine. Moreover, I came to know the serious problem that people living there don't even know the fact. I met Abbas Mvungi in 2019 and established KAT (former EAAW) believing that we can do things together making use of our experience and uniqueness; Abbas, who was born and brought up in Tanzania and I, was in Japan.

Even at this very moment, animals all over the world are killed by human beings for fun.

I love animals and nature. I love Tanzania and Japan.

As my own activities to support animals, I would like to convey to the people of Japan the current situation surrounding Tanzania's animals, and to convey to the people of Tanzania the wonders of their country from the perspective of Japan and the world, and I tell people everything I learn from animals. 

My activities are based on both in Tanzania and Japan.



    General Advisor

Professional love expresser


Please call me Maddy. I was born in February 2021 on a street.
My mom was a street dog, and she and my brothers were run over and killed by a car. I thought “I might be able to see them again!” and kept walking on the roadway searching for my mom and my siblings.
I was hungry and thirsty, but I kept walking desperately.
Suddenly big hands picked me up, which were Abbas's, and I was put into his car. It was a little bit scary but after arriving at his and Sachiko’s house, they gave me a delicious meal.
It was the first time for me to have such a good meal! I then was swaddled in 

a warm blanket and stroked all over my body. What a relief! I was on longer scared.
Since then, they say “you’re so sweet, Maddy ❤”, “I love you, Maddy ❤" to me from morning till night every day, over and over again. They know my feeling-good spots and give me many strokes on my belly and ears.
I was very scared of people before but now I love them very much. We’re now “family ❤ friends ❤ partners ❤” crossing the line between human and dogs.
90% of dogs in my county think “Human being are dangerous! They are scary!”, but now I know that we can be friends.
So, I tell animals, “Here is the emergency call center for animals! Tell KAT if you have any problems!”
And I tell people, “We, animals, love ‘yummy’ and fun, just like you.“ “We can be friends with you!”

I am a dog and I want to make many many human friends.
I want to be friends with you♡ Come to see me♡ and please support us♡

Volunteer staff

Issah Ally 

Mwanaasha Kombo

Frank Lothi

Sachiko Watanabe

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