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We treat and support injured animals.

In Tanzania, even dogs and cats with owners die from starvation and injurie, illnesses are rarely treated. Most affected livestock, such as goats, donkeys, and cattle, are left untreated.

We feed and treat these animals. Our approaches do not only focusing to restore their physical health  but also the care of the mind, and carry out activities to restore their original "power to live". 

sachi and a dog.jpg

We are mitigating and preventing conflicts between Wildlife and Humans. 

As wild animal habitats have been taken away and reduced due to population growth over the years, the border between human and animal living spaces has been removed, and troubles over food have been repeated. Lions are attacking livestock and elephants are destroying crops.
Many of these animals are on the verge of extinction because they are being hunted by poachers and hunters in a habitat that continues to lose them.
However, farmers often kill animals to prevent new damage and retaliate. Because we are Tanzanians,
We are implementing improvement activities rooted in local communities using specific measures.


We are picking up plastic trash.

Unfortunately, as soon as you get off at the airport in Tanzania and start moving, you can see plastic bottles and other trash. In addition to the village areas where people live, there is also a large amount of plastic waste, empty cans, PET bottles, etc., scattered in the majestic nature, and most villages do not have facilities to dispose of and recycle them.
We pick up trash that never returns to nature.
This activity has also become a communication tool with local residents and tourists.


What we want to do in the future


We want to connect Tanzania and the world.

Everyone has infinite possibilities and can learn new things at any time.

We would like to actively speak to the local people and share the problems that are occurring outside the village and the wonders of Tanzania from an overseas perspective.
In particular, we want to encourage children who have flexibility to participate in these activities and teach them the importance of respecting and conveying the wonders of various creatures through music and art.


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