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2019/2020 PROJECTS

Education for Animal Welfare

Can you imagine a world without animals? WE can’t, and we don’t want to. Our daily lives are filled with them, and raising awareness about their welfare has been a component of social change movements and ethical development for people and students of all ages for decades.

We offer  comprehensive programs that  aim to nurture and encourage the values of kindness and compassion towards all animals within children and  people . In this way, we can create a future society that is truly kind to animals.



Now more than ever it is important to teach our kids to love, respect and help all animals.Not all are kids most open-minded but they can make a difference in their communities.

We will visit kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to teach humane education.

Humane education is a method of teaching that aims to foster particularly in young people, a sensitivity towards all living creatures, as well as the environment that we share with them. It stimulates moral development, promotes empathy towards people, kindness towards animals and concern for the environment. It further makes them realize the importance of interdependence of all the species and their environment, towards ensuring sustainable living for all on our planet.


  • Group discussions and class presentations for animals and environment

  • Painting and essay writing competition for animals and environment.

  • Singing competitions for animals and environment

  • Cruelty free fashion show competitions

  • To establish Animal welfare clubs

  • Walking campaigns

  • Nature walk and outdoor learning

  • National park visits 


Animal welfare education can also be targeted to audiences other than school children, and some of these are very important for the future development of animal welfare.We visit public areas,households and attend village meetings to educate  people about the need to respect,love and help all animals.

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