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Help us help

If you would like to support our wok, you can support us with donations, know how, time and even with the extra space in your luggage in case you would come on holiday to Arusha. We also provide small posters  to hang up in your store or office to draw attention to our organisation.


If you believe in our projects and you would like to help to make a difference we would be very grateful if you could donate items or money.

If you are volunteering or visiting KAT and want to bring items with you please contact our team through, for suggestions.

If you donate money it will be spent to support our rescued animals and sustaining our existing projects. We have a different options for you


1. Credit card, PayPal and Stripe. Use a donation form bellow to make one time or Monthly donation

NB: If you would like to send your donation directly via PayPal please use the PayPal account

2. Bank Transfer

For USD 

 Account Name: KARIBU Animal Trail
 Account Number: 01210011181
 Bank Name: Exim Bank (Tanzania) Limited
 Bank Address: Corporate Office, 1404/45,
Exim Tower, Ghana Avenue. P.O.BOX 1431,
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
 CHIPS UID 370780
 IBAN: DE94500700100957546500

For TZs  
Account Name: KARIBU Animal Trail
  Account Number:  0120011179 
Bank Name: Exim Bank (Tanzania) Limited


Account Name
: KARIBU Animal Trail 
Account Number:  0120011180
Bank Name: Exim Bank (Tanzania) Limited 
Bank Address: Corporate Office, 1404/45,  Exim Tower, Ghana Avenue. P.O.BOX 1431, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania 
CHIPS UID 370780 
IBAN: DE94500700100957546500

For Japanese Yen  
Account Number:  228-1905960
Bank Name: MUFJ Bank
Branch Name: Machida
Bank Address: 6-11-19 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo, 194-8558, Japan

3. Wise and Western Union Money Transfer

If  you want to use wise or Western Union to send your donation please Contact us :

know How

Sometimes knowledge brings us much further than money alone. We have a lot of projects at KAT where we can use people with specific know how, not necessarily to come and work, but to guide us and to give us advise on how we best proceed with these projects.

If you have certain expertise and you are locally based or you want to come to Tanzania to share your knowledge, the doors of KAT are open. Artists, vet doctors, environmentalists, biologist, animal specialists, teachers ete can be very useful to our programs as volunteers. If you want to use any of your skills to support our work please Contact Us.


Give Time

Your time is the most valuable gift. Volunteer with us

All our team members are dedicated volunteers from different nationalities, some are working direct in our programs and others are supporting the organization activities from their countries,  this means you can volunteer with us from anywhere in the world.

Our projects are open to all and does not require participants to have specific education, qualifications or experience, as you will be shown everything you need to know by one of our team member.

Volunteers could work on a range of tasks with the same important aim – to create a better life for animals in Tanzania. While volunteer placements can be a little as two weeks, those wishing to stay more than two weeks  will be able to make a huge contribution to the animal welfare programs – and see projects and initiatives through to completion.

Our projects are also best suited to those who are either pursuing a career in animal conservation/zoological studies, wildlife ,vet students or who simply wish to explore an interest in this field. There is something for everyone and all contributions are welcomed.

NB: Our volunteer program is not open yet but if you would like to volunteer with us in the future please Contact us .


Pack for a purpose

If you come on holiday to enjoy a wonderful safari in Tanzania, you can contribute with the extra space you have in your luggage!

KAT can always use certain items small or big to help animals and our programs in promoting our animal welfare campaigns.

You can bring;

  • Animal Travel Crates

  • Flea and tick treatment (Frontline is recommended)

  • Collars and Leashes

  • Towels and Blankets

  • Grooming supplies

  • Rubber gloves

  • Art supplies—paint, brushes, glue, tape, glitter, crayons, markers, etc

  • Audio & Video equipment

  • And any item that you think can help our art for animal welfare program.Please Contact Us for more information and inquiry.


Corporate support

Since we started our community clean up campaigns  in August 2019 we have managed to collect thousands of plastic bottles in wildlife pristine areas in Arusha. The challenge that we are facing now is how can we recycle these piles of plastic waste as there is no recycling plant in Karatu.

There are so many companies around the world which are specialized in recycling of plastic waste,  If there is any company around the world which is interested to partner and support us with the knowledge and equipment to start a small recycling plant in Karatu  please Contact Us.

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