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We’re relocating more than 10 Rabbits,6guinea pigs and 7 Turkeys form from this environment to our rescue facility.

We need these immediately ,if you can, please help or contact us for details.

1. Building materials (iron sheets, woods ,nails ,plywoods, wire fences etc.).We’re reconstructing our facility to accommodate them all.

2. Volunteers;we need people to help us during the relocation process and construction of their space.

3. A Vet to examine our animals.

If you can’t donate materials or time,please donate money to help us pay for the cost of materials,we need about $1400 to buy the required materials and $100 for the vet examination bill.

To donate to please visit our donation page or send your donation via PayPal to a PayPal account or


1. Materials:2 new iron sheets.8ft/3ft

2. Volunteers:2

3. Money raised: $340

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