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On 5th of April we received a call from a government officer in Karatu District that there are 7 puppies needs help. According to his description, the puppies were born by a stray mother one month ago on his farm and there were ten in number. But after couple of weeks he realized that the puppies are decreasing in number. He also realized that their mom is not spending lots of time with his puppies since she a also a stray who needs to find something to eat so most of the time when he visited the farm he wouldn't find her on the bush den and the puppies were scattered while screaming as sign of starving. He decided to take the puppies to his home while searching for their mom. But after few days of not finding her decided to keep them at his home garden while asking everyone who is able to adopt them. But non was interested so he gave us a call and we responded. When we arrived at the scene we quickly realized that these puppies are in a great danger, they were placed at the edge of the garden corner which is close to a small kind of bush which can be easily accessible to other animals like snakes, jackals and hyenas which are the biggest threat to puppies born outdoor in Karatu. We rescue all seven puppies and took them to our facility while investigating for a possibility to find their mother which is also very import. He also had 3 kittens and we was looking to find a home for 2,the kittens s were born on his garden by a feral cat and he decided to gave them a home while looking for help, so we also decided to support him by adopting two of them that he wanted to give away. We don't have the rescue tools so we normally use anything that we can find to catch and carry animals, so if you're in a position to support us with donation or animal rescue tool kits it will be a great help on our mission. We also need to vaccinate all seven puppies plus other 9 puppies under our care, we need your support, please donate to support our mission.

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