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NEW RESCUE: Terry and Safia have started to adopt their new environment in our Facility.

ON 25TH OF December(Christmas Day) our founder Mr Abbas Mvungi rescued a female rabbit and a male Turkey that were auctioned at Karatu market to be a feast on Christmas Day.

Picture: A Seller holding Safia and Terry at Karatu Market on 25th of December before they rescued.

It has been more than 3 weeks since these two beautiful souls were rescued; they have started to adopt their new environment in our facility on the spaces that have been created for them. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Safia the Rabbit and Terry the turkey.

We still need to improve their surroundings to make their life more comfortable and safe here, we also need a budget for their food and other emergencies, please donate to support our work today. Visit our donation Page or donate directly via PayPal to

Thank you.

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