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Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) for Animal Rescue. Please help!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are tools and accessories worn to guarantee users' safety and health protection. Typically, PPE is worn when there's a risk of exposure to health and safety hazards. Workers wear PPE to protect themselves from physical, mechanical, electrical, and other workplace hazards.

Animal Rescue has no exception from PPE, without no protective gears animal rescuer might put their life and the animals their recuing in danger. We're all aware that on August 25th our Founder Mr Abbas Mvungi experienced a rib injury while trying to rescue a puppy under a culvert tunnel because he didn't wear protective gears. In most cases we rescue the injured, sick, abused, neglected or homeless animals in various hazardous environments that requires a dedication of team work and the right gears for the mission to be performed safely and successfully. Some of the animals have already faced past traumatic experience from Humans so they got very scared when approached, their best option is run, fight or to hide in places which are hard to reach without the right tools.

Here are some of the Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)that we thing are going to be helpful in our Animal rescue mission.

  1. HELMETS....For head Protection.

2. SAFETY GLASSES...For eye Protection.

3. SAFETY VESTS......For Chest and Abdominal Protection.

4. LEATHER FREE GLOVES...For hands protection.

5. RESPIRATORS ...For respiratory protection.

6. COVERALLS...For body and skin protection.

7.SAFETY HARNESS...To protect user from Falling.

8.LEATHER FREE BOOTS...For foot protection.

All these equipment can be bought in Tanzania. Our aim is to raise $10,000 to December 31st ,a fund for animal rescue personal protective equipment. Despite the fact that the equipment will be used by our staff but it will also be used by Volunteers. For the safety of our team and the animals that we rescue please help us achieve this goal by December 31st. Donate on our donation form today, dedicate your donation for "Animal Rescue Category". Lets do this.

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