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2019/2020 PROJECTS

 Protecting Wildlife from Trash

The amount of litter that ends up spoiling the beauty of the natural environment is not surprising considering the amount of waste produced in Tanzania. Glass bottles, plastic packaging, tin cans, cardboard, and other types of garbage litter urban and rural landscapes everywhere. 

Litter can be very harmful to Tanzania's wildlife,Birds, mammals, and reptiles can be injured or killed by the trash thrown away by the people. The magnitude of the problem is

growing every day, especially because some types of litter do not  readily disintegrate and therefore remain in the environment as a threat for decades. In collaboration with community members and various stakeholders,EAAW has started to organize regular community clean up campaigns in wildlife habitats or areas where wildlife often visit to look for food.


  • We organize and conduct regular community clean up campaigns on wildlife habitats

  • We teach raise public awareness  about the need for protecting animals from trash

  • We establish community recycling bins on public ares.

  • We raise public awareness about the need for recycling.


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