Primo was rescued on August 29, 2020 in Karatu. According the witnesses, he was hit by unknown vehicle and a driver left him to die. Abbas our executive director took Primo to the vet clinic in Arusha town, After X ray observations, It was discovered that most of his backside bones were severely broken and had multiple fractures, the poor dog could not even wag his tail. The Vets advised to put the dog down immediately because there was a minor chance for this guy to survive the injuries and he was already exhausted from the old age. We decided to go for that “minor chance of his survival because we wanted this dog to feel loved even if he might have few days left in this cruel world.  We  named him Primo (Meaning “First” in Italian), We started to care for Primo, gave him the love and care he deserved. After weeks his pain went away, A vet from Merlino clinic speculated that the dog impossible fractures might have healed. The Accident took Primo’s hind legs, hip  and tail bones, he was crawling and never walked again, We had no money to buy a Modern  dog wheel chair so we made one for him. Abbas taught him how to walk with it and after few days he could finally be able to walk again in a short distance with the support of his left foreleg. On October 2nd 2020 Primo died from unknown cause, It was a very sad morning when we found  him quietly on his  blanket, we gave him a proper burial and planted a lemon tree on top of his grave as a symbol of love and respect to his life while creating another cycle of life.


Meet Marudio or Madii (meaning ”repetition” in Swahili),He was rescued from the street on February 16 ,2021 after his stray mother and two of his siblings got hit by a cement truck and died instantly according to the witnesses, he was just a puppy when he was rescued . He is now doing well and healthy under our facility.


Meet Chui(Meaning “leopard” in swahili), We rescued this cute little one on May 16 2021 y  in Karatu town. She was wondering and looking for food in middle of the busy rough road with full of cars and motorcycles , no one seemed to care for this puppy.

We took her and started to search for her mother by asking the people around and neighboring houses. We searched for hours until evening ,after hours without success  we decided to  took this little one to our facility that night and gave her a  shower and proper meal, she was very thin and had lots of fleas. The next day we went to the area that I picked her to continue with my search without any luck. We did the same for the next 14 days without any success too, We're still wondering what might have happened to her mother and why this puppy was abandoned.

She is under our care now, healthy and happy.



HANA visited our facility on July 28,2021 he visited  to look for food ,we were shocked to find out that his nose was about to fall off .We  don’t know the  story behind his painful life but I can easily guess that this is human work. We raised donation and took Hana to the vet clinic in Arusha town which is 4 to 5 hours’ drive since there is no vet clinic in Karatu. Due to the complications of his injured areas couples of surgeries failed, Hana has a total of 4 surgeries and the last one seems to work at some point. We had to hand feed Hana for four months and spend a good quality time with him to release his stress since We restricted his activities  since July  to allow his wound to heal. 60% of his wound healed and form new tissues and skin but other parts failed to connect. Just like the rest of the dogs we're also taking care of Hana at our facility until today. 


In Tanzania  most dogs are community dogs who are affiliated with neighborhoods rather than with individual owners. While most dogs may depend on a particular household or neighborhood, the resources provided at “home” sites are often insufficient. Most dogs roam freely to forage for food since they are not fed daily by owners. These Free-roaming pet dogs face high mortality, mal-nutrition, starvation, disease, and abuse. Their main function is to guard livestock and property, so most households (90% are not fenced) keep these poor souls outside with no kennel or shelter and protection from the rain, wind, cold and direct sunlight.  In 2020 we started a program to support free roaming dogs by providing food and medicine for the injured and sick while investigating their history and status. Sully was one of the dogs in the program that later we realized that she was a stray dog. We decided to give her a permanent home in our facility together with other rescued animals.

On the preparation to perform Spaying, we realized that Sully is already pregnant. On 16 of January Sully gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies that are now being taken care by Karibu Animal Trail organization.  

We need your help to support food and other necessary  supplies for these 7 weeks old puppies and their mother. No amount is too small ,please donate now. 


WARNING ⚠   :  Some images contains sensitive contents that might be disturbing to some viewers, viewer discretion is advised.

Bahati was rescued 1st of October 2021, baby monkey who lost his mother from the road car accident.

Abbas explained what happened that day. 

"It was a very beautiful morning, I took a small public bus  to Mto wa mbu town  to say hello to my mother. I took the front seat adjacent to the driver, On our way Suddenly a Vervet monkey with a baby appeared and crossed underneath the car which was ahead of us .

My heart froze for a second after watching a mama  monkey crushed into  pieces while his baby  get pushed in middle of the road, it was horrific .The private car driver realized what he has done,he slowed down a little and then disappeared in speed, what a shame.

I jumped out of the public bus to stop other vehicles on my attempt to save the mother and the baby's lives, but it was too late for the mother, all her internal organs were  open, mother  died on the spot. I took them away from the road, a baby was screaming for his mother, it was a very hard situation.

I went to some houses nearby and get digging tools, I properly burry the mama monkey and then I contacted Tanzania Wildlife Authority to report the incidence.

Treating and Keeping rescued wild animals in Tanzania requires a special permit from Tanzania Wildlife Authority. I am still on the proses to acquire this permit so for now I am not in a position to keep,nurse or rehabilitate a wild animal.

So I took the baby and go back to my house in Karatu to get a car to transport the baby to Tanzania Wildlife Authority facility in Arusha town.

On our way to Arusha my car broke down, I left the car in middle of nowhere and took a public transport to Arusha, saving this baby’s life was more important than my car. We arrived safely at Tanzania Wildlife Authority facility and handle the baby to the Authority.

After medical examination from Dr Elisabeth, A baby monkey seems not to have suffered any injuries from the accident. The baby was handled to the orphanage and he is now doing very well. Dr Elisabeth and I agreed that he will be named Bahati(Meaning “Lucky “ in Swahili).When Bahati reached to the orphanage  he was  quarantined for two weeks to avoid any risk of disease transmission to other rescued monkeys. After quarantine he was introduced to the group which included an adult Sykes female who often happily adopts new babies, her name is Riziki. Bahati is now spending many hours every day grooming and playing with Riziki, the orphanage believe that Riziki is teaching  Bahati some skills on how best to thrive . Despite of being badly traumatized but Bahati  is adapting well to this new life.

NB:This is just an examples list of the animals that we have rescued, we normally keep you updated about all the animals that we help on our news blog.