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2023 Recap!!

2023 Recap for Karibu Animal Trail Organization.

1. Rescued

A total of 25 animals (1 adult Dog,11 rabbits,6 Guinea pigs, and 7 Turkeys)

2. Adopted

A total of 11 animals (8 Puppies and 3 cats).

3.Veterinary services and care

All our 5 male rabbits and all our dogs have been neutered. The guinea pigs are all females. Sex separation is applied for turkeys.The sick one are always treated. All our veterinary services are provided by local vets who are difficult to get and with no equipped medicine or necessary tools. No veterinary clinic in our town so all services are done outdoor. With major cases we have to travel with our animal far to the City for better veterinary care which is very expensive .

4.Money raised.

Donation from friends across the globe...$6487.17 . Donation from Abbas Mvungi business(curio shop(,safari tour and hostel)...$4172

5.Donation usage.

39 Animals got their food , veterinary care,houses , blankets,toys and other supplies in 2023. Animals with emergency life situation were transported to the clinic in the city for veterinary attendance. 5 animal enclosures with animal housing were constructed.

6. Other success stories.

We converted an animal breeders to become an animal lover and now he is work with us. We have received 7 visitors from different countries in different times(Americans,Belgian and Swedish).

7.Animals under our care right now

5 Adults dogs,11 rabbits,6 guinea pigs and 8 turkeys.

8. What we need right now.

We need Money donation for our animal's supplies (food, veterinary services, blankets,toys and housing maintenance)

We need Volunteers..(free accommodation will be provided,you will contribute a small amount of money for your food,Just pay for your visa and flight tickets).

We need Veterinary expertise and field students.

We also need a Small clinic building.

Thank you so much for your support in 2023,what about a Christmas gift to support our work before the year end? Visit our donation page to donate.

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